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Building Bridges To The Future.

Our corporation is organized and operated exclusively for the charitable purposes in accordance with section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service.  More specifically, the corporation is dedicated to promoting civil discourse that encourages personal autonomy, human dignity, and free expression through educational materials and related activities honoring the American experience.


Through collaboration and an exchange of ideas, our Team Members realized the best way to have a positive impact today is to focus on shaping the citizens and leaders of tomorrow.   We all agreed that the missing piece to changing the direction of the country didn't lie in new technology or job training-but in promoting open expression, communication, and civil engagement.   From that realization came the vision to launch a foundation that could play a part in making that vision become a reality.


With our licensing agreement with Common Ground Campus  (CGC), we are initiating various types of events and programs designed to have people engage in a constructive, problem-solving, manner.  In all of our programs, we seek to humanize that engagement so that we learn to replace impersonal "they" and ""them" with highly personal "you" statements. 


Common Ground Campus  has created two main programs.  They can be community-based or campus-based:

           Bridge The Divide: Taking on an issue that is causing division on a particular campus or facility (issue chosen by students), CGC brings participants with opposing views together NOT to debate the issue, but to listen to concerns of those on the other side, ask them questions, through a process of reconciliation to try to find common ground.  The event takes place and is filmed before a live audience of their peers.  It then hosts a pizza party for all participants and attendees immediately afterward.
         Bridge To Tomorrow:  These events involve group team building activities. Examples include local public service efforts (such as a beach clean-up), a giant American Flag unfurling with participants standing shoulder to shoulder acting in unison, an entertainment event open to all, a townhall style event, any other form of activity that requires participants to set aside any personal differences to come together to act as one. 

As Bridge charities grows and gains momentum with it's Common Ground Campus offerings, we will seek out joint initiatives with other organizations, either for-profit or not-for-profit, that are mission aligned with our purpose statement.  Holding events and facilitating training will be how we achieve maximum impact  with our human, physical, and financial resources.

Our emphasis will always be on programs that include and reach American culture, keeping in mind the best way to have a lasting impact is to influence leaders of the future.




University of Georgia

University of Houston


Medina High School, OH

Jenness Beach, NH


West Virginia University


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