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The Team

Stephanie Lien D'Urso
received a BS in Biology from Creighton University and an MBA in Finance from
Regis University. She began her career working for South Dakota’s Senator Pressler in W
ashington DC. After that, she managed a private placement investment partnership, of which she was 1/9th owner. During this time, she discovered that she had an operatic voice. She studied in Italy, recorded an album and wrote and performed an operatic production around that album.  In 2006, Stephanie started her own real estate firm, VIP Properties, with the intention of raising the level of ethics and professionalism in her industry. She focused primarily on the luxury real estate market. In 2016, Stephanie sold VIP Properties after successfully growing it to a large and reputable company in Rapid City, SD. After selling VIP Properties, Stephanie formed PRIVEE LLC with the intent to offer private commercial real estate transaction services as well as to focus on investments and projects that she believes will create a brighter and better future for her children and our world as a whole. Stephanie served on the Trump Victory Executive Finance Committee and was named as South Dakota's Co Chair for President Trump's campaign. Stephanie founded, Gamers for Trump, Magahearts and
She is currently working on launching and independent local online news source to report local
and state news in an unbiased and factual manner.
Stephanie currently serves on the BOD for ImmutriX which offers life saving technology for humans and animals.
Stephanie is married to Michael D’Urso, an Interventional Cardiologist, and has 6 beautiful children. She has a value system deeply rooted ethics, the Golden Rule, and a passion for making a difference in this world.

Felisa Blazek

received a BA in Interior Design and Construction Management from Colorado State University and Certifications specializing in Tromp L'Oeil.  She began her career working for NBC Studios in LA in set design.  After , she launched an entrepreneurial venture where she was commissioned for murals in high end restaurants, estates, retail clients.  In 2006, Felisa started collaborations with Interior Design finish focused company surface Materials in Solon, Ohio.  In 2009, transitioned to Wolf Gordon for more intense training working with clients that desired custom art work and larger projects.   In 2013 Felisa honed her skills to specialize specifically within the Cap X & Multifamily Development segment of the industry, under the Berkshire Hathaway umbrella.  She attained number one status in the global market segment, by incorporating her "Crossbrand Collaboration"  technique concept over almost 2 decades.  In 2020, she decided she wanted to teach the method to try to help change the direction the American culture seemed to be heading, through her company, working with several grassroots, local and national nonprofits.  She is highly regarded for her service to charitable causes and campaigns, such as the "national Jericho Marches,   'Unite the Light' campaign, where the "Liberty Lantern" traveled across the 50 US States symbolic of Paul Revere's ride, and Common Ground Campus, building bridges with experiential events involving student participation across America over divisive issue affecting society today.  Her next initiative was founding Common Ground Campus aimed to elevate influence through collaborations to build bridges for aspiring artists, designers, and students ideas to pollinate the guidance and change in culture much needed for todays youth.  Felisa believes that although every individual is responsible for their own actions, that building bridges through collaborations is the path forward for success in our nation.  It is reflected in  her every action and belief, even in her CGC Brand slogan, that we can all "Do Better".


Brent Hamachek

Rockwell Peterson

studied at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Biomedical engineering and Business.  He began his career managing security for Murphy's Pub & Grill, Press Start, and The Hotel Alex Johnson.  He went on to create a security company in 2021. He has helmed the company from it's humble beginnings to  launched an entrepreneurial venture where he grew the clientele to now include Abys, New Underwood Solar Farm, Custer State Park Weddings, MG Oil, Black hills Pregnancy Center, and personal security detail for non-disclosable VIP's and a variety of concerts and music festivals.  

studied at Lake Superior State University with a BS in Finance and Economics.  Graduate Degree in Banking from University of Wisconsin with Masters Level course work in Catholic Studies at Loyola University, Chicago.  He began his career in the banking industry until he moved into a business consulting practice.  He has over 200 engagements working with startups and turn arounds.  
He is also an accomplished writer and speaker.  His most noted and widely read works is his 2015 TPUSA publication How America Broke Its Wings-Understanding the cause and effect of right-left divide.  He has since authored numerous books and essays, including Charlie Kirk's first book Time For Turning Point, and Zelenko.  He is currently VP and Associate Publisher for Human Events Media Group, owner of Post Millennial and Human Events digital publications.

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