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When Is The Right Time

Be a part of Bridge Charities as we expand our horizons and build momentum with our
initiatives. We are on the lookout for collaborative opportunities with like-minded organizations,
whether they operate for profit or champion charitable causes. Our focus remains steadfast on
programs that empower and include America’s youth.
We’re also passionate about reigniting the spark in students who have previously joined us,
ensuring their flame of engagement and critical thought continues to burn bright. The demand
for such enriching experiences is clear, and we’re ready to meet it head-on. Your investment is
the key to unlocking these possibilities, enabling us to forge ahead and bring these vital
programs to life. With your support, we can turn aspirations into actions, fostering a generation
of engaged, thoughtful leaders. Your time and contributions are the seeds of progress that will
grow into a legacy of positive change.  The time is now.

CGC website: (visit for video of past events)
Board of Directors: Bridge Charities has four founding Board of Directors
 Felisa Blazek, Chairman (
 Stepahanie Lien D’Urso, VP (
 Brent Hamachek, Secretary & Treasurer (
 Rockwell Lien Peterson, (

Corporation formation date: May 25, 2023 (file number 74264564)
IRS exemption approved: February 8, 2024 (available upon request)

Law firm & registered agent:

Sally Wagenmaker
Wagenmaker & Oberly
53 W. Jackson Blvd.
Suite 1734
Chicago, 60604
(312) 626-1600

Commercial bank: U.S. Bank

Donation contact: Please direct donation inquiries to Brent Hamachek,; (847) 778-9474

See for yourself! When you visit you will be able to see videos
of some past events that were held under the Common Ground Campus program that is now
licensed by Bridge Charities. Not only can hear the student interactions, you can also hear the
feedback from those in attendance. We get lots of praise for our work, but all of it can be
summarized as follows:

“This was life changing. I’ve never seen anything like it. This needs to happen on every
campus in the country!”

Pink Skirt

"Bridging The Divide"

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"Bridge To Tomorrow"

Summer Fun


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