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What We Are Doing

We all recognize the challenges that face our nation, but we also see the incredible opportunity for unity and understanding.  We believe in the power of collective action to foster a more tolerant and cohesive society.  Our mission is to inspire individuals across America to rise above division and embrace the spirit of cooperation.  We’re not just acknowledging the issues; we’re actively working towards solutions, empowering people to “Do Better” and be the architects of a brighter, more united future.


Through our licensing agreement, Bridge Charities is thrilled to collaborate with Common Ground Campus (CGC) to roll out an array of events and programs. Our goal is simple: to create spaces where young minds can come together, share ideas, and work through challenges in a spirit of constructive collaboration. It’s all about connecting, learning, and growing together.

CGC has created three main programs: All three can be campus-based, community-based,
or targeted to the individual.

1. Bridging the Divide:

Taking on an issue that is causing division on a particular campus
(issue chosen by the students), CGC brings participants with opposing views together
NOT to debate the issue, but to listen to the concerns of those on the other side, ask
them questions, and through a process of reconciliation try to find common ground. The
event takes place and is filmed in front of a live audience with a pizza party for all
participants and attendees held immediately afterwards where the open dialogue
2. Bridge to Tomorrow:

These events can be held either on or off campus and involve
group activities. They can be either community-based or campus-based. Examples
include local public service efforts (such as a beach or border cleanup), a giant
American Flag unfurling with participants standing shoulder-to-shoulder acting in unison,
an entertainment event open to all, or any other form of activity that requires participants
to set aside any personal differences and come together to act as one.

3. BridgeWorks:

This new peer-to-peer influence and mentorship program is designed to
work with young people, sponsored by a supporting organization, and provide them with
the professional training they need to enhance and strengthen their own voice and
express it in a positive and constructive manner using various social media platforms.
These young people can then become influencers helping to shape public
opinion through the use of reason, compassion, and compelling arguments instead of
the aggressive use of insults and inflammatory language that has become the norm.

Your generosity breathes life into these events, and we want to assure you that every dollar you
donate is valued and utilized with the utmost care. Our financial planning is grounded in real
experience, drawn from the successful completion of nine enriching events by Common Ground
Campus (CGC). We pledge to manage our resources wisely, balancing quality with fiscal
responsibility, to maximize the impact of your contributions. Your support is the cornerstone of
our mission, enabling us to create inspiring experiences for our youth. Together, we can
continue to make a meaningful difference.

Let’s Work Together

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